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``XMonad is by far the best Window Manager around. It's one of the reasons I stick with Linux. It’s stuffed with great features you can easily compose with your config file to get a fine-tuned behaviour.''

Tener, Sep 2009

``I've started replacing machines that run Awesome, with XMonad, and I'm not looking back. Ever.''

R. Tyler Ballance, July 2009

``I have to say, the greatest thing about xmonad thus far is its insane stability. Even in wmii, I'd often find myself having to manually run wmiistartrc because my modkey would stop working right, but I have zero issues with xmonad''

wfarr, Mar 2008

``Over the past twelve months, 34 developers contributed new code to xmonad. This is one of the largest open-source teams in the world, and is in the top 2% of all project teams on Ohloh. Across all Haskell projects on Ohloh, 21% of all source code lines are comments. For xmonad, this figure is 45%. This very impressive number of comments puts xmonad among the best 10% of all Haskell projects on Ohloh. A high number of comments might indicate that the code is well-documented and organized, and could be a sign of a helpful and disciplined development team.''

Ohloh metrics, Feb 2008

``Undoubtedly the best WM around today (wmii and dwm tied for second behind it).''

maxp, Jan 2008

``finally a window manager which can bring tiled window management to the masses''

harnir, Jan 2008

``a wonderful window manager for my laptop''

pastcounts.wordpress.com, Jan 2008

``I've been using xmonad with great joy for the past months. It is wonderful, compact and elegant. Love it. Thank you all.''

Nicola Paolucci, Nov 2007

``it's an excellent choice for more advanced U*ix / Linux use ... if you are looking for fast, clean, and efficient work environment, I suggest you give xmonad a shot''

Maciej Delmanowski, "Review: xmonad window manager", Nov 2007

``xmonad could be well the window manager of my dreams''

www.spleencubique.net, Oct 2007

``xmonad ... is an extremely small, lightning fast, sleek window manager for Linux''

globalconstant.wordpress.com, July 2007.

``xmonad does things just right''

tsdh.wordpress.com, July 2007.

``xmonad fits right into how I think window managers should be: simple and out of your face''

braindump.dk, July 2007.

``I'm .. loving the hell out of xmonad, which just keeps getting better every day.''

gimbo.org.uk, June 2007.

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