The essentials

Getting started

  • about – an overview of xmonad features
  • guided tour – a walkthrough of the basic functionality
  • step-by-step – guide to configuring xmonad
  • cheatsheet – an overview of the keybindings



In your environment

Installing xmonad - Gnome - KDE - XFCE - Arch Linux - OS X - OLPC

Quick start for the impatient

  1. Install the xmonad binary and config library.
  2. Wire xmonad up to your login manager.
  3. Logout and back in. You’re in xmonad.
  4. alt-shift-enter to open an xterm.
  5. Write a ~/.xmonad/xmonad.hs to configure xmonad.
  6. mod-q to reload your config file.
  7. Install the xmonad-contrib config library.
  8. Edit your xmonad.hs to include this new fantasticness.
  9. mod-q to reload your config file.