The essentials

Getting started

about – an overview of xmonad features
guided tour – a walkthrough of the basic functionality
step-by-step – guide to configuring xmonad
cheatsheet – an overview of the keybindings


manpage – a reference of the default keybindings
configuring – how to write a config file
template xmonad.hs – a complete config file that replicates the defaults
xmonad api docs – reference documentation for xmonad's core API


extending – a roundup of many (but not all) of the modules in the contrib package
config archive – users' contributed config files, showing off many of the extensions
xmonad-contrib api docs – reference documentation for all of xmonad's contrib modules
development tutorial – learn to write your own extension

In your environment

Installing from tarball - Gnome - KDE - XFCE - Arch Linux - OS X - OLPC

Quick start for the impatient

  1. Install the xmonad binary and config library.
  2. Wire xmonad up to your login manager.
  3. Logout and back in. You're in xmonad.
  4. alt-shift-enter to open an xterm.
  5. Write a ~/.xmonad/xmonad.hs to configure xmonad.
  6. mod-q to reload your config file.
  7. Install the xmonad-contrib config library.
  8. Edit your xmonad.hs to include this new fantasticness.
  9. mod-q to reload your config file.