An Update for our Sponsors—and a Request

It has been a little bit over a year since XMonad version 0.17.0 was released; this was also the time in which we first started looking for funding. On the whole, the number of people who decided to support us has been astounding: thank you! While our expenses are completely transparent, it can be hard to keep up if you’re not directly involved in the project. Hence, we’d like to take this opportunity to summarise what we did in the past year.

Recently, GitHub decided to stop support PayPal, which caused a lot of free software projects to lose sponsors—we were no exception to this. So that we can continue spending as much time on XMonad as we have, please think about renewing your contribution with updated payment details! If you want to know what exactly happens with the money: all of our monetary activity is completely transparent, and can be viewed here. Thanks!

GitHub Sponsors Open Collective

  1. The day of the xmonad and xmonad-contrib 0.17.0 release.