We on the XMonad devteam (Tomáš, Tony, Yecine, and myself) have been collecting contributions for the past two years with an eye toward paying someone to work on a port of XMonad to Wayland, since none of us is up to the task. We think we now have enough contributions coming in monthly to pay for someone to work with us on it.

Problem is, we have no idea who can do this. So this is a call for help, looking for someone who can write it. There is an existing project but it’s badly bitrotted, including using a very old and buggy version of wlroots, and L-as has had little time to revisit it. It’s not clear that it’s worth revisiting.

One problem that’s unlikely to be solvable is that Wayland programs don’t set distinct identifiers that a manageHook could use, so the appName and className hooks can’t be ported. We welcome information to the contrary, though.

So, help? Comments and especially proposals welcome on the Discourse thread.